What is Stabilized Wood? - Our definition is lumber that has been saturated with a thermically activated resin and dye solution. 

Why stabilized wood? - Simply put, durability. The plasticization of lumber adds moisture, warp and crack resistance. All while being able to be cut, worked and finished with most common wood working tools and methods. Not to mention the added color and unique beauty aesthetic. 

How do you stabilized you lumber? - Time, patience, and a tiny pinch of magic. 

Are stabilized materials food safe? - This is a grey area for many in the community. The safety info page, along with proper research. Will help you make that decision for yourself

Do you take custom orders? - Yes!, We are happy to give estimates and realistic expectations of what we can offer you. Bulk and wholesale vendors are also welcome.

What is the largest size you can stabilize? 1.75"x1.75''x30'' for spindle stock, 8''x8''x4'' for square stock. 10" round x 4'' thick for bowl stock.