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Micron polishing paper assortment

Micron polishing paper assortment

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Each pack contains (2) 1.5โ€ x 2.75โ€ sheets of each micron level for (12) sheets total. Great for wet or dry sanding and they are reusable for multiple projects.
Pro-tip, add a couple of drops of dish soap per quart of water for wet sanding. This will help them cut smoother and you will get less clogging in the abrasive!ย 

Green - 30 Micron (600 grit)

Grey - 15 Micron (1200 grit)

Blue - 9 Micron (2,100 grit)

Pink - 3 Micron (6,800 grit)ย 

Aqua - 2 Micron (10,500 grit)

White - 1 Micron (22,000 grit)ย 


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