About Us

Stabilization Solutions LLC was established in 2021 amidst the picturesque foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina. Our primary focus is to provide exceptional quality stabilized goods at competitive prices. As a 100% family-owned and operated company, we take pride in our commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of our business.

With a passion for wood turning that spans over two decades, our Production Manager, Tim, has been an integral part of the industry since 2001. Alongside Tim is Carmen, his significant other and our esteemed CEO, who has been actively involved in the art of stabilizing lumber for over five years. Committed to ensuring our products surpass industry standards, their expertise and dedication drive our success.

Adding to our family dynamic, Tiffany, Tim's sister, serves as our CFO. Her lifelong passion for crafting and all things "Nifty" led her to join our family business, bringing her unique skills and a deep understanding of the market. Together, we strive to unlock the growth potential of Stabilization Solutions.

Currently, our production operations are based in a modest basement shop within Tiffany's home. However, with ambitious goals for expansion, we have set our sights on relocating to a commercial space by early 2024. This move will allow us to enhance our capabilities and cater to the increasing demand for our exceptional stabilized goods.

At Stabilization Solutions, our unwavering commitment to quality, family values, and continuous growth sets us apart. Join us on our journey as we redefine the standards of the industry and provide outstanding products that meet and exceed your expectations.