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Hobbiest - Under 20lbs Raw Lumber

Hobbiest - Under 20lbs Raw Lumber

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WARNING - Do Not Purchase this service without consultation. This will result in a refund and no services will be rendered. 

The pricing for Hobbiest batches are as follows. Please visit our Stabilization Process & Consultation section for more details and to schedule your consultation. 

$10 per pound for Clear Stabilization.

$12 per pound for single color dyed stabilization.

$14 per pound for multicolor dyed stabilization. 

**Possible upcharges may apply depending on your lumber and needs. Please see our Services and consultation Section for more details.

*$2 per pound for Oily/Exotic Lumber.

*$2 per pound for Wet/Green Lumber. (25%+ Moisture content)

*Cutting, Fine Sanding, Applying Finish and Photography services will vary based on needs. 



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